Accelerating the Next Computing Platform

XR_ROOM is an early stage venture and IP development fund with a global network of experts and resources, empowering amazing ideas and businesses.

XR_ROOM in a Nutshell

XR_ROOM takes a unique dual approach to developing value for investors and ventures. We identify, nurture and invest both in innovative early stage businesses, as well as in a strong and highly relevant IP portfolio that supports the nascent global VR/AR ecosystem.

We have built a strong board of experts from various relevant industries to provide guidance to our portfolio companies and constantly help validate the investment and IP development focus. As ideas don’t know any boundaries, we believe they can be born anywhere and need help to reach the global markets quickly. XR_ROOM has an international setup to provide that reach and support effectively.

The Market

With the first iteration of VR/AR devices hitting the market in early 2016 consumers will be introduced to the concept of VR/AR. Analysts and the investment landscape agree that this will trigger a rapidly growing appetite for unique VR and AR driven experiences. The applications for the technologies that drive AR and VR experiences are endless, from Video Games & Entertainment to live events, retail, real estate, education, healthcare and engineering. It is therefore no surprise that Goldman Sachs compare VR and AR devices to the advent of smart phones, estimating the industry to grow from 120 MUSD in 2014 to 7 BUSD in value in 2020 I Read More…

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What we provide

Our value to early stage businesses and innovators.

Direct Early Stage Funding

Help build & scale businesses by supporting with early stage investments as well as follow on investments through our partner network.

Expert IP Partner

With decades of experience in international IP development our partner ensures you build long-term value with your product, service or idea.

Global Resources

Become part of a global network of experts in VR and AR, with partners in major cities across the globe such the US, Europe and Asia.

Board of Executives

Coming from the most influential companies on the globe. Leverage their know-how and network to guide businesses from idea to market fit.


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