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The opportunity

Over 20x as many early stage companies and innovations focus on hardware rather than the services and software required to bring XR experiences to the market.

XR_ROOM believes this is because 60% of investment capital and M&A activity is focussed on VR hardware whereas revenue projections suggest 66% of VR and AR revenue in the next 5 years will come from services and experiences.


Figure 1: Illustration of VR and AR ecosystem (XR_ROOM, 2016)

Our investment focus

We are not an accelerator program. We strongly believe that ongoing and very specific support will help your company or idea most.

“Accelerating companies and developing IP that bring the next generation of cross-reality (VR/AR) experiences, production technologies & services”

Ecosytem Focus

VR/AR experience enabling and enhancing technologies and platforms


We are investing in early stage businesses with a novel idea, a clearly articulated business plan, and ideally a first alpha product/service.


Primary focus on ideas born in the US and Europe with offices in Santa Monica and Munich to support them.


Los Angeles Office


1541 Ocean Avenue, Suite 200

Santa Monica

CA 90401


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