by Prefixa

The Future of Fine Art Experience

Today, all forms or art have a place in the 3D virtual worlds where new art appreciation experiences can born

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Visualize your art

anywhere, anytime.

Create unlimited possibilities for your art in Augmented Reality.

Let your clients live the full experience of your artwork by visualizing and sharing it in 3D and Augmented Reality with a simple QR code that is accessible anywhere, anytime.

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Share your art with

QR codes

Use your personalized QR codes to share your art on different platforms like website, etc.

Interact with your

art in 3D 

Experience your art with Augmented Reality

Show your art with Augmented Reality

Present an entire exhibition in AR with a special event or as an extra in your digital book.


Take a Photo


Experience in AR

Add Sound

Interact with the 3D Conversion model of your real sculpture, take a picture and share it in your social media or website. 

Have all the information of your artwork centralized in one place and let your clients involve further with it.

Live the full experience of visualizing and sharing your artwork in 3D and AR by adding sound to the experience.

Visualize and share your artwork anywhere, anytime in real scale with Augmented Reality using a simple QR code.