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The Future of Fine Art Experience

Today, all forms or art have a place in the 3D virtual worlds where new art appreciation experiences can born

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April 24th - May 22th

From $395 to $185

3D Conversion is a process where your artwork is brought to life through creating interactive 3D models

Some of the benefits of having your interactive 3D models include:

  • Experiencing your Artwork in new ways and from new perspectives.

  • Embeding and experiencing the 3D models on any of your websites or online catalogs, allowing your audience to truly experience your Art

  • Bringing your Artwork to Augmented Reality for FREE, allowing you to enjoy your Art anytime, anywhere just by scanning QR code with our new app FR3D

How to start?

Follow these steps to start the 3D conversion of your piece, including the production phase by our 3D specialist team.

Step 1

Send your video

Step 2

Production phase

Step 3

Receive your 3D conversion

What you will receive

  • The 3D conversion of your art piece

  • 3 pictures of your interactive model for social media

  • An embed code for you 3D conversion that can be used for website, digital portfolio, or artist profil. Hosting for 1 year

  • A QR code of your converted Artwork for FR3D viewer, where the 3D models can be viewed both in 3D and AR. Hosting for 1 year

Limitless possibilities for your Art with

3D conversion

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